Global warming will cause ice age

The reason of Arctic ice melting is in Global Warming but paradoxically it can cause the ice age to come. In 2004, there was a movie called “The day after tomorrow” and this is a movie about what Global Warming had brought to the mankind and it brought a terrible cold and age of ice. Circulation of the Sea logic proves that it is possible for a ice age to come by global warming.This Scientific logic is simply like this : if the surface of the North Pole Ocean freezes, the concentration of the sea water increases and gets heavy. When this water sinks under the North Pole, the empty gap between the ice and the heavy water fills in with the warm current from the equator. Simply it is a heat transfer with the equator and the North Pole because of the change in mass of the sea water. However, what if the iceberg melts and goes to North Pole? What if the Siberia Tundra melts and makes all of the rivers to increase 10% in water level in that region? Then by the increase of water, the circulation of the North Pole sea will stop because the concentration will get lower. If the heat circulation stops then there won’t be any heat needed, the warm current will eventually disappear and it won’t be just like the movie “The day after tomorrow” but if it goes over the certain limit, it will cause an ice age to come.

The link under is one of the Korean blogs which also explained about this logic.


Environmental issues are getting more serious

As my blog theme is global environmental issues, today morning’s news made me post this up on the blog. In Korea, they say this year’s snow is the first time and only had once about a century ago.

It snowed over 1 meter and many disasters and problems were made.


January 27th 2011, in Japan, there was a slight volcano eruption.


I thought about this event and thought about if Baek Du San exploded. Japan is very fast and organized so they could move people before the explosion but when it becomes to a case in Korea, following to the technology we have, I doubt that we won’t be able to rap it up and get ready for it that fast. So talking about Japan, they had no casualties or harm.

So Busy

1 week before finals and I have most of classes’ project due tomorrow which is monday and I feel like I didn’t have my weekends because of working in project in groups. My school really gives a lot of group projects. Right now, I am listening to one music again and again because this helps me to all the works in one rhythm. I will finish the blog post homework too in a second because I gotta go to work on my World Geography project. I am very tired but the day is very nice. I just came back from my weekend dinner meeting with my family. Our family cannot really have dinner all together often so we do these things in weekends and I ate some beef and a lot of other vegetables. I need to have a diet because these days I am gaining a bit of weight. Maybe a week later I will be very skinny and pale. It is ok because I am still a sophomore. Next year, I will just be a walking skeleton or a alive stick. Hopefully or maybe not hopefully.

summer break

what should I do in summer break?

Many people are coming back to Korea for summer break and some people are leaving Korea for the vacation. This is a long period of time and people seek to use this time wisely. I don’t think I can go to some ”places” so  I could actually relax. My parents made me go to academies for the whole months and I still have to wake up early. They say it is good  so I don’t get loosen. I thought vacations exist to get chill and loosed. Eventually we also have summer break homework. Which just makes me feel so so so so much Happy.

Many people are leaving KIS this year. I bet there will be much less sophomores next year. They say they are going to the states or to other countries for better education. I personally don’t have even a middle school graduate because I just moved here at the end of the semester and couldn’t attend Korean school for 2 months which was the required days to attend for graduation. Now my scholarships are only for American Education system. I could go to Korean college probably but I heard that I have to find those schools myself and go in as like a special student or something. There is a lot of pressure.


Final exams stimulates people.

It is not recognizable and if I am told that it is soon I don’t realize the fact until it comes up like 1 week. Sometimes I study and stay up all night, sometimes not. It is really annoying because even I finish one there’s lot more to do. Sometimes makes me nervous and sometimes it doesn’t. After I finish the whole exams then I go to play. In Korean school, they have this exam term for like 3days and we only have exams for 3 days and the school ends faster. It is different from American schools. However, if we finish all 3days and like for 2 days and that week’s weekend is playing day. Hanging out with friends and relax.

Its nice to be a student.


You know, many people get sick of repeating the same thing again and again. I do also. Why I am writing this is because I don’t want to repeat same thing but as I write this I am repeating the same thing every friday. That is why today, I write it in Sunday. I don’t like boring life. I want some change and a large experience that will make me always think about those stuffs and make a event that I can remember for longer time.