BigBang Theory. Antimatter caught!

The clue to the creation of universe – antimatter – has been caught for 1000 seconds. This is grabbing attention from a lot of people and mini-big bang experiment is also an issue.

Professional acquaintances Physics – Nature Physics – said the European particle physicslaboratory called the alpha in the last five days (CERN)  caught the antihydrogen (antimatter) for about 1000seconds which was known to be disappeared after the Big Bang.

Antihydrogen has the same amount of mass with the hydrogen but has a opposite charge with it. The astronomy scientists say that antihydrogen is a significant material to prove the creation of Universe.

This is pretty interesting and I am curious how the Universe was created. This is also one of the most significant environmental issue that I have seen. I was always reading news happening in the world but this is special, it is outside the planet and I am amazed that humans have developed this far from Australian Pitecus.


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