Seoul 30 degrees Celsius

It is the highest temperature in the history that Seoul got up to 30 ~ 31 degrees Celsius in May.

I keep on saying in my blog that Global warming doesn’t only bring heat and hotness but it also makes the period of Autumn and Spring shorter in a 4 weathered country. It will be really hot this summer. I bet that every people must wear sunscreen and protect their skin from the Sun or probably will get a skin cancer in a high possibility. I can’t believe that Earth is warning us already. People will probably think it is just hot so lets turn the air conditioner on, but I really really want you to not turn on the air conditioner, if you really feel hot turn the fan on. The reason is air-conditioners actually impacts Global Warming and it is no good going in a bad cycle. I was outside today on a bicycle, it was only 1pm but the air felt really heavy and it was hard to breathe. The wind felt really warm or somewhat hot, I felt like if I was in a non stopping hair dryer.

The problem is getting serious…

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