End of World – May 21th

In the states, a religious group called Family Radio said that there will be the God’s Judgement on May 21, 2011.

However, nothing special happened that day and this group is being criticized by a lot of people in America right now. Things like these are increasing because there are many tragedies around the world these days. Not just Japan but everywhere is threatened by abnormality of nature. We need to save Earth, all of this is what people made and it is our job to recover and change it back to where it was. I really feel someday, just like the scene in “The day after tomorrow” will come and I don’t think it is too far away. These days, the weather is strange, which I see it as the first step of Earth’s warning. There will be more steps, and I suppose there will be about ten steps. I think at the tenth warning, it would be obvious to know that something is going to happen on Earth, or maybe no one might be alive.

I always say it, on my blog, that an ice-age is going to come again. History repeats, everything repeats. Einstein said that if World-War 4 happens, then people will fight with sticks and rocks. He says there won’t be anything left because of nuclear explosions. However, I think it could be because of the nature.

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