In 2100, the sea level increases by 1.6m

I just saw a unbelievable news that there was a research about the sea level and how it will rise when it is 2100.

The world famous cities are under threat and as the global warming in the Arctic glaciers are melting faster than exprected, the researchers say that the melting speed has increased more than 4 times the rate comparing to the speed in 1995-2000.

Reports in the last six years (until 2010) 1880 Arctic temperatures were the warmest period. The local meteorological recorded acceleration in global warming and it resulted as within the next 30-40 years, the Arctic summer ice will disappear completely.The report notes that since 2003 through 2008 the annual sea level rise was about 3mm and the 40% of  it was because of Arctic and Greenland’s ice melting. This is getting serious.
In Korea, I feel hot already, also the weather temperature’s difference is getting bigger.
During night, it gets really cold and during day, it is really hot. I believe it is because of Global warming as it is ruining the air circulation and it will lead to ice age someday. We have to be alarmed, try to find a way to recover our nature and slow down global warming or even to stop.
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