BigBang Theory. Antimatter caught!

The clue to the creation of universe – antimatter – has been caught for 1000 seconds. This is grabbing attention from a lot of people and mini-big bang experiment is also an issue.

Professional acquaintances Physics – Nature Physics – said the European particle physicslaboratory called the alpha in the last five days (CERN)  caught the antihydrogen (antimatter) for about 1000seconds which was known to be disappeared after the Big Bang.

Antihydrogen has the same amount of mass with the hydrogen but has a opposite charge with it. The astronomy scientists say that antihydrogen is a significant material to prove the creation of Universe.

This is pretty interesting and I am curious how the Universe was created. This is also one of the most significant environmental issue that I have seen. I was always reading news happening in the world but this is special, it is outside the planet and I am amazed that humans have developed this far from Australian Pitecus.



Ultraviolet sun rays reached to the highest point

Today Morning, I saw the news that the ultra violet sun ray rate reached the highest point of the history. The entire Korea was exposed to the ultra violet sun ray and the news said that people who will be outside are highly recommended to wear a sunblock or any other things to block away from the sun ray. Today, afternoon I just walked outside of the school and in about 3 seconds, my skin felt like burning. This is one of the effects of the global warming. The problem is getting serious day by day. There must be some significant change to solve this global problem.

Seoul 30 degrees Celsius

It is the highest temperature in the history that Seoul got up to 30 ~ 31 degrees Celsius in May.

I keep on saying in my blog that Global warming doesn’t only bring heat and hotness but it also makes the period of Autumn and Spring shorter in a 4 weathered country. It will be really hot this summer. I bet that every people must wear sunscreen and protect their skin from the Sun or probably will get a skin cancer in a high possibility. I can’t believe that Earth is warning us already. People will probably think it is just hot so lets turn the air conditioner on, but I really really want you to not turn on the air conditioner, if you really feel hot turn the fan on. The reason is air-conditioners actually impacts Global Warming and it is no good going in a bad cycle. I was outside today on a bicycle, it was only 1pm but the air felt really heavy and it was hard to breathe. The wind felt really warm or somewhat hot, I felt like if I was in a non stopping hair dryer.

The problem is getting serious…

End of World – May 21th

In the states, a religious group called Family Radio said that there will be the God’s Judgement on May 21, 2011.

However, nothing special happened that day and this group is being criticized by a lot of people in America right now. Things like these are increasing because there are many tragedies around the world these days. Not just Japan but everywhere is threatened by abnormality of nature. We need to save Earth, all of this is what people made and it is our job to recover and change it back to where it was. I really feel someday, just like the scene in “The day after tomorrow” will come and I don’t think it is too far away. These days, the weather is strange, which I see it as the first step of Earth’s warning. There will be more steps, and I suppose there will be about ten steps. I think at the tenth warning, it would be obvious to know that something is going to happen on Earth, or maybe no one might be alive.

I always say it, on my blog, that an ice-age is going to come again. History repeats, everything repeats. Einstein said that if World-War 4 happens, then people will fight with sticks and rocks. He says there won’t be anything left because of nuclear explosions. However, I think it could be because of the nature.

Sun Explosion

I just saw a news about the explosion in Sun by a small comet last few days ago.

The scientists in NASA are saying that physical reactions in the Sun is no proven yet and they don’t know if it is possible or not.

Also above, I found this site that explosion of the sun will threaten the Earth and the result would be tragic in 2013. I feel somewhat amazed and also afraid.

In 2100, the sea level increases by 1.6m

I just saw a unbelievable news that there was a research about the sea level and how it will rise when it is 2100.

The world famous cities are under threat and as the global warming in the Arctic glaciers are melting faster than exprected, the researchers say that the melting speed has increased more than 4 times the rate comparing to the speed in 1995-2000.

Reports in the last six years (until 2010) 1880 Arctic temperatures were the warmest period. The local meteorological recorded acceleration in global warming and it resulted as within the next 30-40 years, the Arctic summer ice will disappear completely.The report notes that since 2003 through 2008 the annual sea level rise was about 3mm and the 40% of  it was because of Arctic and Greenland’s ice melting. This is getting serious.
In Korea, I feel hot already, also the weather temperature’s difference is getting bigger.
During night, it gets really cold and during day, it is really hot. I believe it is because of Global warming as it is ruining the air circulation and it will lead to ice age someday. We have to be alarmed, try to find a way to recover our nature and slow down global warming or even to stop.

End of Earth?

You know, Japan’s situation right now, Hukushima’s nuclear system blowing up by tsunami and earthquakes. Its volcano actions and other environmental problems. It just seems like a country in a war. Nature is the most powerful after all, human beings still harm and destroy nature, and these things are nature’s response.

I always think that how this universe is made and even our Solar system could be even smaller than a piece of rice in this place called space. These days I am seeing a lot of news about environmental issues such as volcano movements, earthquakes, and tsunami. There are a lot of predicts that in 2012, it will be the End of Earth and so on. Even people made a movie called 2012. I feel that end of Earth is pretty close.